Where do I begin?

I've had Natom's webpage since 1995. So much has happened in the past 15 years. When Natom's webpage started computers and peripherals cost a fortune and were so slow. Most people didn't even have Broadband or DSL. Facebook, Twitter and social networking websites didn't exist and we self proclaimed compu hipsters poked fun at AOL subscribers.

I don't really know what Natom's webpage was all about or whether or not it has done anything other than waste bandwith. Perhaps it could be considered some kind of blog. I know it's comparable to me going on FACEBOOK and letting the world know that I had just eaten a bagel or something. Whatever it is or was, Go Daddy made money from it and I had a place to vent or try to pass along a laugh or two.

At this juncture in time, the frigggin world is falling apart and most of us are really pretty clueless about what we all should do next. Survival is getting much tougher and opportunity only seems to be knocking in Honda commercials.

I have become rusty at this HTML thing so please bear with me. This is a work in progress, because lately I am so distracted that I'm not getting anything done!!!

Here's the old Natom's website.